Terms of Use

Client Portal Terms of Use
These Terms of Use, together with the guidelines, statements and policies referenced herein (“TOU”), govern your access to and use of
the Client Portal (“Site”), any information, text, graphics, or other materials or services appearing on or linked to or from the Site.
(“Content”), and any services provided by TANDEM Behavioral LLC AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES AND CONTROLLED AFFILIATES
(Collectively, “Tandem,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our”), through the Site (“Services”). By accessing or using this Site, Content, or Services
(Collectively, “Client Portal”), or checking the box in registration “I agree to these terms and conditions,” you, on your own behalf and on
behalf of the organization with which you are associated (“Your Organization,” and collectively with you, “You” or “Your”), are indicating
Your review and understanding of, and agreement with TANDEM to be bound to, these TOU. If You do not agree to these TOU (and the rules and guidelines posted on TANDEM BEHAVIORAL HEALTH & WELLNESS-branded web sites), do not use or otherwise access Client Portal.
General Information.
Client Portal is a single, central login page where Authorized Users (as defined below) may access TANDEM Client Support Portal, Community Forums, Client Community, and Learning Center (collectively “Applications”). These Applications serve support, training,
and client messaging purposes. Any reference hereinafter to Client Portal includes these Applications.
Authorized Users.
You are permitted to use Client Portal only if and for so long as Your Organization remains an TANDEM
customer of software or software support services (“TANDEM Client”) pursuant to a written agreement with Us( TANDEM Client Agreement”), or an authorized certified partner, developer, or other business partner(“TANDEM Business Partner”) pursuant to a written agreement with Us (“TANDEM Business Partner Agreement”), and You, as an individual, are authorized to use TANDEM software pursuant to the terms of an TANDEM Client Agreement or Tandem  Business Partner Agreement(each individual so authorized, an “Authorized User”).
 You represent and warrant to TANDEM that You are not and do not work for a competitor of TANDEM. You may use Client Portal only for purposes relevant to TANDEM software offerings and services and related healthcare industry workflow and business issues. You agree to notify TANDEM of any change in Your relationship with Your Organization.
 If Your Organization ceases to be a TANDEM Client or an TANDEM   Business Partner or You cease to be an Authorized User, and
Your rights to access and use Client Portal or any Services made available over Client Portal will immediately cease.
Registration and Password.
In order to access and use Client Portal, you represent and warrant that You are at least eighteen (18) years old and have the legal
capacity to enter into these TOU. You will be required to provide information about yourself (such as Your name, Your Organization, and
work contact details) and select a password as part of the registration process. You will be limited to a single online persona and agree.
that You will not register or post under multiple IDs. You further agree to provide TANDEM   with the requested.
information and will promptly update such information as necessary to ensure it remains accurate, complete and up to date. 
Users may not use a name already being used by another person, which belongs to (or impersonates) someone else, which violates the intellectual
property or other rights of any person (including but not limited to trademark rights), is offensive, or that TANDEM
Inc rejects for any other reason in its sole discretion. TANDEM a terminate Your account if You do not comply,
or if You do not provide and retain an accurate, complete and updated profile. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality.
of Your username and password and You will not share it with anyone or permit any third party to access or use Client Portal using Your
username and password. You acknowledge and agree that TANDEM  h as no responsibility for verifying the
identity of anyone using Your username and password, and TANDEM  may provide access to Your account to
anyone using Your username and password. 
You will not use any account other than the account approved for use during Your registration whether or not You have the permission of the account holder, and accept sole responsibility for monitoring all activities under Your account and assume full responsibility for any third party use of Your account, username and password and access to and use of Client Portal (unless such activities result from a security breach for which TANDEM  is responsible). If You become aware of any
unauthorized use of Your username, password or Your account, you agree to notify TANDEM immediately at the email address or phone number provided for notice in these TOU.