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About Tandem

Tandem provides behavior therapeutic services from the perspective of Applied Behavior Analysis (or ABA for short). ABA is an approach that looks at the relationships between the environment and our behaviors or behavior patterns. Humans are inextricably linked to the world around them and the relationship is bidirectional; that is, it works both ways—the environment influences our behaviors, and our behaviors subsequently influence the environment. This is not to say that all individuals are the same, we all respond to the same environment differently and this is based on our learning history and our current situation.

Behavioral Assessment

We conduct behavioral assessment to evaluate the things your child does too much and the things that lead them to independence.

Parent Consultation

Supporting parents from start to finish as important agents in their child’s growth and development.

Behavior Change

We work with your child to promote desired behavior change.


Human Behavior

Human behavior is a difficult subject matter, though understanding the things that come before behavior which increase the chances of certain behaviors while decreasing the chances of other behaviors is a crucial first step to our understanding here-now in the moment. So too, it is imperative to see how our behavior changes the environment in such ways that we either gain access to the “good stuff”, or to avoid the “bad stuff” so we can see if the behavior is more likely in the future or less—consequences change the likelihood we will behave in similar ways in the future.

At Tandem, we work with families to create new patterns of interactions that facilitate learning, performing closer to expectations, as well as growth and development of the child and their families—everyone’s behavior is changed for the better due to the focus on patterns, preferences, and the needs of all involved. After all, we all participate in each other’s environment and our behavior, specifically the qualities of our behaviors, may have profound effects on the behavior of others. Of course, there are other things besides people in the environment that affect our behavior as well, especially when it comes to learning new skill sets; unraveling complexity is our expertise!

About Me

Dr. Timothy M. Weil

Dr. Timothy M. Weil | Vita

Dr. Tim Has been working with children of all abilities for decades in homes, clinics, the community, and school settings in efforts to unravel the secrets hidden in our interactions with the environment that affect our patterns and preferences. At Tandem we work with children who present with any variety of difficulties and/or diagnosis—the focus is on creating full repertoires, not just simple replacement behaviors, which aide in such things as learning-to-learn, problem solving, creating independence in skill sets, social-emotional development, and helping children to create pathways into their world that permit further growth and access to positive reinforcers that would otherwise be out of reach…not just living, but living a life and creating beauty within it!

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