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Dr. Timothy Weil BCBA-D

Has been involved in the practice of behavior analysis since 1993 when working in the area of traumatic brain injury rehabilitation while completing his undergraduate degree from Florida State. Upon graduation he invested his time and training in learning how to help children who presented with varying behavioral issues and academic difficulties. Dr. Weil attended graduate school at the University of Nevada, Reno. While at UNR, Dr. Weil focused his training on all things pediatric and acquired expertise in working with children of varying diagnoses, as well as pediatric presenting problems and academic learning difficulties. Upon graduating with his Ph.D. in behavioral psychology, Dr. Weil taught in graduate Behavior Analysis programs at both the Florida State University and University of South Florida. Additionally, he ran the early childhood autism program at FSU and served as program coordinator for both graduate programs. Dr. Weil has great breadth of interests in the human domain beyond therapeutic services.

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